14 Jun

Paris Packaging Week 2022, 29 e 30 June

Packaging Week will be staged on 29 and 30 June in the Expo Porte de Versailles complex. The two-day event dedicated to the future and innovations of packaging in the beauty, beverage, luxury and consumer goods sectors will be an opportunity for brands and suppliers to meet to discover new packaging materials, ideas and solutions. Registrations to participate as exhibitors are already open. In addition, during the event there will also be the awards ceremony of the Adf & Pcd and Pld Innovation Awards, a competition that every year appreciates the best and most avant-garde proposals.

15 Sep

Fashion Trends 2022: the recovery is there but some technologies will be a must-have

Fashion Trends 2022 told by McKinsey analysts, who strongly advise all fashion operators to double their investments in the most innovative technologies by 2030. The goal? Creating a competitive advantage and keeping up with the digital natives who, from now on to the next few years, will affect the ways and times of development as previous generations have never done.


29 Jun


Anti-counterfeiting does not just mean fighting the illegal action of international criminal gangs that profit from plagiarism without respecting borders and legality. Phenomena such as the black market, the gray market or Italian sounding threaten jobs and brand revenues alike. Technology helps companies protect products and consumers.