The Digital Passport for Products

The digital product passport represents a revolution in the realm of traceability and sustainability in the production world.  This technological innovation consists of a unique digital document that accompanies the product throughout its entire life cycle, from production to consumption, up to disposal or recycling. 

Through the use of established technologies like QR codes, the digital passport provides detailed and transparent information about the origin, composition, production process, usage, and disposal of products. 

at any point in the product's life cycle, a customer or an operator from your company can scan the QR code to access the product information you have chosen to share. 

The Vericode platform allows companies to act with maximum flexibility: your company retains full control over the configuration and enrichment of the digital passport of its products, exercising decision-making autonomy over the path and contents to include. 

Two important aspects:

  • There is no need for an 'all or nothing' approach at the start: the digital passport can initially be equipped with basic information, which can then be progressively completed and detailed over time.
  • Passport data can be detailed as desired: product data at GTIN, batch or individual item level

This flexibility allows companies to adapt to emerging needs and to develop the digital passport organically, following their own pace and market needs.

Digital product label

Advantages for Your Company

1. Traceability and Transparency: The digital passport provides all stakeholders (customers, distributors, partners) with complete visibility of the information of their interest, the information that the company decides to share.

2. Brand Reputation: By providing detailed information about the sustainable practices adopted during production, the digital product passport helps companies communicate their commitment to the environment. This can improve corporate image and increase consumer trust, who are increasingly oriented towards responsible consumption choices.

3. Regulatory Compliance: In an evolving regulatory context, with increasing demands for transparency and sustainability, the digital passport facilitates adherence to regulations. This tool can help companies demonstrate compliance with environmental and social standards, avoiding penalties and improving stakeholder relations.

4. Optimization of Product Management: The information contained in the digital passport can be used to improve product life cycle management, from design to end-of-life. Companies can use these data to optimize product design, reduce production costs, and plan recycling or reuse strategies more effectively.

5. Market Differentiation: Adopting a digital passport can be a differentiating factor for companies, allowing them to stand out from the competition through transparency and commitment to sustainability. This can translate into a significant competitive advantage, attracting customers and partners who value these aspects.

6. Customer Interaction: The digital passport offers new opportunities for interaction with consumers, who can easily access detailed product information through a simple scan. This can improve the shopping experience, increase customer loyalty, and provide companies with valuable data on consumer behaviors and preferences.

7. Anti-counterfeiting: The Vericode platform allows the DPP to be used also as an anti-counterfeiting tool, with an instant verification of the product's genuine originality.

digital label qrcode

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