Aggregation in the product authentication process

The aggregation used in the authentication process

The Vericode platform allows you to record, in a timely manner, all the aggregation relationships between the various objects. 

The unique (serial) code that identifies the base unit, the case and the pallet, also implements the retraceability process, that is, that is, it allows you to trace the production chain of a product, in order to search for a specific event or action (for example, for a bottle of wine, where and when the harvest took place).

Product traceability using RFID

The Vericode platform  allows you to quickly and easily manage the aggregation either through RFId technology or through artificial vision systems based on Qrcode / Datamatrix. Depending on the different levels of automation required, Tracetoo has created systems suitable for manual or fully automated packaging. 

Automatic vision systems applied to product traceability

Automatic vision systems applied to product traceability

Automatic Vision Systems make it possible to recognise and trace products and their packaging throughout their production line: from creation to marketing.
They enable product identification automatically through the recognition of codes and labels on the product, or on the packaging containing it. 
For more information on Vision Systems applied to traceability or to find out about implementation costs, write to us freely without obligation.