Registration and Traceability System for Products

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Customer satisfaction is essential for the growth of the market of any product. Capturing customer feedback, selling products during product registration and after-sales communication are the key to success.

Vericode helps manufacturers connect and interact with their customers after the sale. For example, customers can register their products via QR / NFC scan, mobile app and website.

During the traceability process, Vericode acts as an engine to intelligently collect vital customer data for the manufacturer.


Choosing to buy only authentic products means valuing the work and quality that goes into them and your own money.
But is it always easy to distinguish an authentic product from a fake? If it has a VeriCode label, you know it’s the real thing. VeriCode is an alphanumeric code that you can check at any time on this website before you make your purchase.


Protecting your products is even more essential today, in a market where the number of counterfeit items is on the rise and their resemblance to the original is increasingly sophisticated.

Safeguarding products and customers is easy with VeriCode: a unique numeric code is associated with each individual product and follows it from production to sale, along the entire the distribution chain.


VeriCode is an anti-counterfeit and traceability system designed to protect producers and consumers by certifying authentic goods to distinguish them from any fraudulent copies.